Covid Protocol

The SquareSix city apartments are fully prepared, considering all precautionary measures according to EODY and the Public Health Tourism to prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. Our main goal is to offer you the safest, most comfortable, and relaxed getaway imaginable!

We would like to inform you that the use of a face mask is mandatory during your stay while using the common areas (corridor, elevator, etc.) as declared by the Greek Government (Δ1γ/ΓΠ οικ 47265).

Main Health Protocol Measures

  • Using a mask
  • Washing hands
  • Using a hand sanitizer
  • Keeping distances in all common areas

The measures taken responsibly

The check-in and check-out hours have been changed to 11.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m. accordingly, to make sure the room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the space is adequately natural ventilated.

We now use electronic systems to facilitate contactless check in & out actions by minimizing contact time upon arrival and departure.

Room cleanliness

We follow deep disinfection and strict cleaning practices following the protocols proposed by the EODY, the Greek National Public Health Organization (G.N.P.H.O) and the World Health Organization.

Daily cleaning of rooms or change of linen is no longer allowed. However, if you wish this service during your stay, please inform us.

We apply the highest standards of cleaning as:

  • Wear mask and disposable gloves to clean and disinfect
  • Clean any dirty surfaces using soap and water first and then disinfect using high specification cleaners with antibacterial & antimicrobial action with 70% alcohol concentration and sodium hypochlorite (bleach / chlorine) at a recommended concentration according to EODY and the Public Health Tourism
  • Disinfection of “high-frequency touch points” (remote controls, switches, handlers, buttons, knobs, etc.)
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during the cleaning process of the room 

Useful Tips

Before your travel to Greece, visit this link –, to be familiar with the protocol the Greek Government follows for arrivals in and departures from Greece.

You may also visit the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice for travelers ( or The Hellenic Republic Ministry of Tourism (

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay!
The SquareSix Team

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